Anarcho Nihilism

Everything is nothing. In order to eradicate injustice, both the world and humanity must be destroyed. And selfish families that bring children into the world should not be blamed for children, children should not be brought into the world, and pain, death and injustice should not be inherited by bringing children into the world. Love is a trap, which is an unjust existence and nature's way of legitimizing itself and deceiving living things and creating new slaves, and this trap should not be caught.

Although communism provides an economic and social balance, it is one of the forms of self-legitimation of existence and nature, which is an unjust slavery order. And one should not fall into this trap, neither should existence, nature and life, which is an unjust slavery order, be affirmed in any way.

Goodness is also one of nature's lies, nature is never good or just and should not believe anything. Entropy will always win, there will never be justice, and everything will perish. And hope will only prolong the torment.

✖️ Destroy Everything 🕳️